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What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used for building websites.

It acts as a go-between of your site’s visitors and the code that is used to develop your site. By using a CMS like WordPress, it allows for anyone who can use a word processor to change the content of their site with ease.

WordPress has a ton of benefits over “static” websites and other CMS systems. Here are some of our client’s favorites:

  • A solid base to start from, reducing the overall cost of getting a website made.
  • WordPress popularity means that there are a large number of developers for the platform, giving client’s the ability to move between developers as necessary.
  • A robust administrative area that makes it possible for client’s to update text and images on the site (without having to contact a web developer for every change).

How We Do WordPress Development

From a small “one-sheet” style site to sprawling franchise websites, we follow a process that puts results first. When working with Aces, here’s what you can expect:

  • Thorough Research and Planning: Websites need to be built around the visitors that will use them. We get to know your business and who your ideal customer is, catering our designs to get you the best results.
  • Stunning Wire Frames: We put together several wire frames for each site, giving you a host of options to mix and match to get the site you’re looking for.
  • Revisions and Collaboration: Building a website that isn’t integrated into your business limits its success. We work with you to build a site that truly exemplifies your brand, matching any existing marketing materials along the way.
  • Meaningful Analytics and Integrations: Most website developers stop here. We go out of our way to set up proper tools for recording your websites performance, letting you know who is visiting your site and what they do when they’re there.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Our sites include maintenance by default, meaning we’ll help you update your site, keep it secure, and can even help in the event of a hack.

Our WordPress Results

1 +
WordPress Sites Built
1 %
Website avg revenue increase
1 k
Visitors to our sites monthly

Get Results From Your Website

View measurable data from your website in real time.

Integrate your website into your current marketing strategy.

Support when you need it.

More About WordPress Sites

There are a ton of reasons, but here’s our top 5.

  1. It’s easy to use! Once your site is set up, it’s simple to alter the existing content. The days of contacting a web developer every time you update your phone number or business hours are over. Being able to control your content also makes it easier to integrate your site into everyday business, allowing you to promote special deals and share important news.
  2. Manage your site from any computer. With an online CMS, you can update your website from almost any computer, tablet, or even your smartphone!
  3. Create accounts for your staff. With its user roles, WordPress let’s you create accounts for each of your staff members, giving them different permissions based on their title. Retain admin control of your entire site on your account, but give the front desk access to moderating site comments easily.
  4. No vendor lock in. With other CMS solutions, its not uncommon to get stuck with one web development company forever because they use an obscure platform. With WordPress, there are thousands of developers that can pick up where your previous one left off, giving you options.
  5. Open Source development creates a better platform. With most software, there may only ever be a dozen engineers that work on it. When it comes to WordPress though, everything is a collective effort. With hundreds of developers working on the platform at each release, bugs get fixed quickly, security flaws are patched, and features are updated more regularly than with other platforms.

You might’ve heard that WordPress is only for blogs. At one point, that was certainly true!

Over the years though, the CMS has become the most popular platform to build websites on because of its customizability. With a flexible code base, WordPress lends itself to a number of site development projects, from small business websites to eCommerce shops.

It can!

Default WordPress doesn’t come with support for eCommerce, but a number of plugins make it a cinch to upgrade to an online shop.

We don’t hold onto the hosting or domains for our clients. We will definitely help you to register them both on your own though, and can make accommodations for already purchased domain names.

It all depends on your project and the agency you work with.

If you’re looking for a basic site though, our pricing typically ranges from $2,000 to $3,000.

Not-so-basic projects end up in the $4,000-$6,000 range, and more advanced projects are custom quoted.

Our standard pipeline for creating a website is about 4-6 weeks, depending on the level of input, content, and complexity of the site.

If you have a project that absolutely needs to be rushed, we can hit a turnaround of 2 weeks depending on our schedule (though this typically costs more, and we’ll have less time to collaborate on a design).

You can! And If you’re business isn’t already doing $300,000/year in revenue, we recommend that you do.

For smaller operations, it’s more cost effective to put a theme up instead.

If you’re starting to grow beyond that point, a customized site will start to outweigh the reduced cost of themes quickly when it comes to revenue.

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