Website Development and Applications

Looking to get your business online? Or are you building a new version of your existing website? Our development team has the skills for any type of online development project. Whether that’s a template-based design, completely custom website development, or a scaling web application.

Building a Template-Based Website

If you want to get a great site online quickly on an affordable budget, then a template-based site is for you. To increase the speed and keep the cost low, these site builds start from a design of your choosing. These template sites start as a jumping off point. From there we add custom design elements and alter them to fit your business’s target demographics.

Where other developers might just switch out colors and a logo, we come out full force. Page layouts, navigation, and other pieces of the User Interface are adjusted to fit your purpose. Sites built in this way typically run around 50% or less of the cost of a custom-built website, but may have some limitations on functionality.

Website Development - HTML, CSS, PHP on a computer screen

Custom Website Development

Our most common builds, these sites start from scratch, and build into perfect digital representations of your brand. We begin with wireframes and research, making sure that every element of your page serves an important purpose, furthering your business’s goals.

Almost any functionality is available with a custom build, from integrations with existing software, to complicated displays of dazzle. These site builds are best for those doing a lot of business online, or in crowded markets where they need to stand out.

If you’re looking to sell a lot of products through your site, you’ll want to take a look at our eCommerce Development services.

Web Application Development

One of our unique offerings, we can put together almost anything you can think of online. Have an idea for a new Software As A Service? Want to bring a new online tool to the web? We can handle almost any development project, and have experience in projects such as online payment tools, utility management softwares, and custom business integrations.

Our project specialties focus around PHP and C#, especially in the Laravel and .net frameworks. We can also handle most Object Oriented Programming language projects, as well as data science projects focusing on Python, R, Scala, or Zeppelin.

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