Complete Website Builds

Not Just A Website

And that’s not marketing talk. 

When new websites are built, many agencies will handle the site itself but neglect basic essentials

Content loading, copy writing, user interface design, site hosting, code optimization, and more are all necessary parts of the complete process

We make sure that your website comes together completely, and never hand you an unfinished project.

We specialize in high-knowledge business marketing. 

So whether your business is in engineering, research, pharmaceuticals, or manufacturing, we know that you require efficiency and precision

Before every project we consult professionals in the field for maximum accuracy.

Aces Design doesn’t bluff.

Precision Built Sites

Our standard website builds are anything but. You can expect:

  • Phase 1: Research – We get to know your business, your clients, and your industry. We meet you, key people at your company, consult with industry experts, and learn everything we can.
  • Phase 2: Architecture – Using the data gathered, we’ll build user stories, a sitemap, and prototype designs for the project to make sure that every necessity is covered. Our revision process makes sure that you love the final web design.
  • Phase 3: Building – After taking stock of the project’s needs and data, we put the site together. This includes front-end and back-end development work, content loading, marketing integrations, security planning, search engine foundations, code optimization, and more.
  • Phase 4: Testing – When the site is functional, we put it through a rigorous Quality Assurance process, including monitored site reviews and cross-browser testing. We also finish adding in any marketing pieces that may not have been covered during development, like drip email campaigns.
  • Phase 5: Launch and Maintenance – Lastly, we make your website live. From there, we continue to monitor it, keeping it updated so that it stays on the cutting-edge.

Our process is rigorous. We do everything from hosting to security and everything in between. See more about our web development services.

  • 50+ Sites Built
  • WordPress, Shopify, Drupal
  • Redesign or New Site
  • Millions in Revenue Managed
  • List 1,000s of items
  • Full, In-Depth Site Analytics

Stunning eCommerce

eCommerce isn’t just an afterthought. Each of our online store builds follows its own unique process:

  • Phase 1: Research – Similar to a normal build, we get to know you and your company. For eCommerce, we up the ante by utilizing focus groups, secret shoppers, and more to put together comprehensive strategies and competitor reports.
  • Phase 2: Architecture – User stories are created for each of your major product types, taxonomies and categories are planned, and an integrated marketing strategy is set. We also take extra care to map out your product structures for optimal search placement.
  • Phase 3: Building – A cut above a standard site build, eCommerce encompasses front-end and back-end development as well as dev ops to make sure servers can hold the strain, scripting specialists to streamline product updating, and more depending on complexity.
  • Phase 4: Testing – Our eCommerce Quality Assurance process puts the site into the hands of a few potential buyers, allowing us to see their interactions and monitor for any potential bugs. In addition, our internal team combs through the site and implements cross-browser and cross-device testing to ensure functionality.
  • Phase 5: Launch – Making an eCommerce project live requires several steps. We start with a test launch for a final functionality check. When we make the final push online, we hedge our risks; performing the move at a time when it will have the least impact and with developers in the wings. After launch, we continue to maintain the site, assist with any issues you run into, and make sure that you stay secure.

Check out more about our eCommerce development services.

Common Questions About Our Web Design Process

It depends largely on each project, since they vary in size. Typically though, we can complete a build in about 5-10 weeks after our initial collaboration meeting. If your project requires a faster turn-around or has a hard deadline, let us know and we’ll see if we can make it work.

Our sites start at around $1,000 for a basic build, $4,000 for a fully fleshed-out website, and $8,000 for eCommerce sites.

We can also maintain and update your site for you at an additional monthly cost.

With a site build, no. However, many of our clients like to have us take care of ongoing maintenance to their sites because it makes their lives easier.

Our ongoing maintenance includes recurring services that are small, but necessary. Most businesses don’t want to deal with ongoing details like their site’s hosting, domain registration, and SSL certificates, so we do it for them. Most of these things can be handled on your own, but its often more cost efficient to let us worry about them, giving you time to worry about your business.

In addition to those items, our ongoing services also include regular testing to ensure servers are functioning, site updates, regular compression/optimization of site assets, and someone to deal with site outages when they happen.

Our process allows for revisions at several stages throughout the process, with client approval on the site’s architecture, initial layouts, initial designs, and the site creation itself. We also have checkpoints during the project for other collateral as needed, such as for content outlines and drafts.

Our specialty is creating a digital presence for complex businesses. Because of this, we don’t typically take on many smaller projects unless its for an ongoing client. If you are looking for a simplified version of the work we already do, and you’re with a non-profit or a startup, feel free to contact us! Occasionally we take on these types of projects if they resonate with our team.

Generally, we will send invoices at three points throughout the project, each for 1/3 of the total project cost. One comes at the beginning as a deposit, one at design completion, and the final at development completion. Payment is accepted through our online invoicing platform, but we can also accept business checks. Our standard billing cycle is net30.

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