How to Track Your Brand and Reviews Online in 3 Simple Steps

With more searches for local, regional, and national brands starting online, it’s crucial to take care of your brand online. One of the biggest challenges, especially for small businesses, is simply finding where the conversations about them are happening online.

With hundreds of review sites in use, and dozens of social media platforms used in your area daily, how can you find when people are talking about your brand?

Let’s take a look at 3 ways that you can track your brand online, and how they can help keep the digital conversation leaning in your favor.

Keeping Track of Your Brand Online

There are a lot of paid tools out there, and a lot of great services. For small businesses, it makes sense to start getting your feet wet with some DIY techniques. For larger companies, it makes sense to get further assistance from professionals.

Combining these 3 techniques will give you a basic understanding of when, where, and how customers are talking about your brand online.

Use Google Alerts to Track Search

Google Alerts is a tool offered by Google themselves. It allows you to receive an alert whenever Google adds a new page to their index containing your chosen keywords. If your business name is unique enough, you can set it up with your company name as your keyword, and you’re good to go!

You can also customize what alerts you receive and when. Narrowing down the search region and language will keep your alerts relevant. You can also select the alert frequency (as it happens, daily, or weekly) can prevent you from getting overwhelmed.

Finally, it’s possible to choose what specific sources to get your alerts from. This can be useful to control the flow of information. For example, you may want news alerts as they happen, but  updates on blog post mentions once per week.

Scouring Social Media with Social Mention

Social Mention doesn’t provide automatic alerts, but it does let you quickly look through several social media channels. The tool provides statistics and direct links related to any keyword you search.

Adding a quick sweep of Social Mention to your calendar can go along way to finding customer issues before they escalate. In addition to keeping negative sentiments in check, you can also use the tool to find praise for your business. Using the good content you find, and boosting on your own media can be a great way to control your reputation.

Automating Review Site Notifications with IFTTT

IFTTT is a bit more difficult to set up than the previous two tools, but it’s much more powerful. By stringing together several of the applets available through the web tool, you can get an automated and intensive view of your online brand.

The process here will be to setup an email address to send all notifications about our business to, a spare gmail will do fine. Then, to get all of the information we want into it, we’ll redirect a few of our online notifications to the box. This can be Google Alerts as mentioned earlier, or you can use IFTTT to put brand notifications from Twitter, Reddit, and several other platforms into the box. Several online review sites also allow you to direct review notifications to an email address. Pointing those emails to this inbox will help to keep them all in one place.

Finally, using IFTTT’s Digest Applet, we’ll have it wrap up all of those emails into a single email list and send it to your main email on a recurring basis (daily or weekly). This will put all of your brand’s online info in one place.

Keeping Track of Your Brand Online

With these three methods in place, you’re well on your way to keeping track of your brand online. Need help taking your brand tracking to the next level? Check in with the team at Aces to find out how we can improve your online reputation!

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