Case Study‚Äč:

A brick and mortar game store was plagued by its old website. We brought the site up-to-date with all of the features needed for them to take control of the site for themselves.

Your Online Brand

Older sites cause problems...

and these can have far-reaching effects. They can be tough to use, as well as hard on the eyes. What issues accompany olders websites?

  • Out of date information on your business
  • Site content that is difficult (or impossible) to change
  • Poor results in search engines
  • Negative effect on customer perception of your brand

Modern Websites Profits

With a new site in place, many of the issues that those with 10+ year old websites can be solved.

A modern Content Management System like WordPress makes it easy for anyone with word processing skills to update your website, keeping your information up-to-date, and preventing you from having to pay a developer every time that your hours change.

Beyond that, a new site brings with it responsive design. A decade before, sites were much more static, making it difficult for them to adapt to today’s wide range of devices. With a responsive design, your site will look great on a desktop, tablet, phone, or even a smart fridge!

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